Iranian aggression… hmmmm… who knew?

The Biden Administration is ignoring some pretty hostile acts from Iran towards Americans and American interests. Where is legacy media in reporting on this? They’re too consumed with the bullshit around Ukraine, Roe v Wade, and COVID.

Over the past six months, Iran has launched multiple ballistic missile and drone attacks on American allies like the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia through its Houthi proxy in Yemen. It conducted a direct attack, this time through a proxy in Iraq, on American forces in al-Tanf, Syria. It hatched a plot to kidnap the Iranian-American journalist, Masih Alinejad, from her home in Brooklyn. And it has actively pursued plans to assassinate former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, former Iran envoy Brian Hook, and former National Security Advisor John Bolton.  In the context of the nuclear negotiations, the Biden team asked Tehran, politely, to put an end to these assassination plots. Tehran said no.

Yet the Biden team has played down all these provocations—and many more.

The question is why.

The Doctrine of American Unexeptionalism – Common Sense

It’s clearer than ever that Biden’s administration is the Obama Administration 2.0. All the same power players and bad actors on our side that for some unfathomable reason seek to reduce American power in the world.

As president, Biden has placed former Obama staffers in key positions, men who, like their mentor, believe that stability will come only after the United States reins in its allies, thus proving to Tehran that it can best solve its security dilemmas in concert with Washington.

Just listen to Robert Malley, who was responsible for Middle East policy in the Obama White House and is now the Special Envoy for Iran in the State Department. In 2020, he wrote, admiringly, that Obama’s “ultimate goal was to help the [Middle East] find a more stable balance of power that would make it less dependent on direct U.S. interference or protection.” Or here’s Jake Sullivan, Biden’s national security advisor. The goal, he wrote in May 2020, is to be “less ambitious” militarily in the Middle East, “but more ambitious in using U.S. leverage and diplomacy to press for a de-escalation in tensions and eventually a new modus vivendi among the key regional actors.”

The Doctrine of American Unexeptionalism – Common Sense