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They came for your red meat and now they’re coming for your chocolate

Cacao free chocolate manufactured from beer-brewing waste product, cultured in a lab from plant cells, or sea buckthorn pressings (Does anyone know what that is?) is the future of fine chocolate they say. It’s a good thing I don’t care for chocolate anyway. Pretty soon the only food that will be edible are the squirrels I can hunt in my backyard.

Their chocolate’s main ingredient is as unexpected as it is available and affordable: malted barley, left over from the beer-brewing process, which they dry, roast and grind. In Europe, 3.4 million tons of spent beer grain are produced every year, so there’s plenty to go around. It’s exactly the base ingredient Amass was looking for: a waste product that’s accessible and easy to scale.

Sustainable Chocolate Made Without Cacao – WSJ

In a lab, cacao plant cells are extracted and fed minerals and nutrients. The ones that grow fastest and taste the best are scaled up in tanks, harvested weekly and eventually ground into chocolate. “The process for making chocolate via cell culture is analogous to growing fruit on a farm,”

Sustainable Chocolate Made Without Cacao – WSJ

Amass’s product, which also includes plant-based fats, organic Danish sugar and sea buckthorn pressings left over from juice production, has a similar texture and taste to chocolate.

Sustainable Chocolate Made Without Cacao – WSJ

Image by Alexander Stein from Pixabay