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State of California raiding preschools and interrogating toddlers for not masking up

Not only are they raiding preschools but they are isolating toddlers and questioning them without anyone present. What a beautiful state California has become.

Stephanie and Richard Rosado recently told their 4-year-old son about the importance of not talking to strangers. Only days later, state regulators came to the child’s preschool, isolated him in a room away from his teachers and friends and asked him questions about masking. 

His parents, and many others at the preschool, were furious. 

Regulators questioned the Rosados’ son as part of an investigation into masking practices at Aspen Leaf Preschool, which operates three locations in San Diego. All three locations were simultaneously “raided,” as some parents have called it, in mid-January. Regulators separated the children and toddlers from familiar adults at each of the centers to ask questions about the preschools’ masking policies. 

What’s strange about that decision, parents and teachers say, is that Aspen Leaf officials had already been open with parents and regulators about their decision to not mask children. 

State Agency Conducted ‘Mask Raids,’ Interviewed Preschoolers Alone | Voice of San Diego