Canadian police bring the horses back. How many elderly women will they trample today?

I have a new respect for Canadians. In the United States we think of Canada as “America’s Hat”. It’s a country to our north that we visit from time to time. We know it exists but have never taken it too seriously. The people are friendly and almost American-like. One thing I’ve learned is the people protesting in Ottawa over the last few weeks know how to protest peacefully. They have been holding their ground and not fighting back while police are trampling them with horses and beating them with batons. What they are doing is what the January 6th protesters should have done in Washington D.C. Americans are too hot headed and some allowed themselves to be goaded into unproductive behavior.

Here’s another live stream of the protesters standing toe to toe with police. The protesters are trying to engage them in conversation and are acting peacefully.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s orders are a violation of these people civil rights and a violation of human rights. Every order he gives that causes violence is a crime against humanity. The protesters are unarmed and are not fighting. All they want is a guarantee that all COVID mandates end.