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Georgia Republicans don’t know how to gerrymander properly… look to Illinois for maps that grip power forever

There’s a lot of hubub here in Georgia about the new congressional maps. The Democrats in Georgia are screaming that the map is unfair and borderline racist. But Georgia Republicans are being far too generous. They should take a page out of the Illinois Democrat party and gerrymander the shit out of the map in order to hold on to power forever. Take a gander at the new Illinois congressional map. When looking at it remember that recreational marijuana is legal in Illinois.

Most of the areas outside Chicago are relatively conservative to moderate republicans. Look how Illinois Democrats snaked the map around to capture the big cities in order to drown out the rural vote.

You want a textbook case of disenfranchisement? Here it is.

The Georgia map looks absolutely reasonable. Right now, I’m represented by a Democrat but most of my neighbors and the people in the surrounding area vote Republican. The map actually changed to reflect the people voting. Prior to this map we were lumped in with the population centers in the southern part of the county where they vote mostly Democrat. The new map leaves them alone and actually strengthens the Democrats hold on the southern part of the county while moving those of us into the congressional district that better matches our demographics.

This map looks totally reasonable and sane. Compare it with the map of Illinois above.