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Canada is tapping into its emergency reserve because of demand… for maple syrup

Did anyone even know Canada had an emergency reserve of maple syrup? Is there ever really an emergency for maple syrup? I’m sure releasing 50 million pounds of syrup will aid in the killing of people from, obesity, Type-2 Diabetes and subsequently COVID-19 (since that kills people with those comorbidities). Way to go Canada… eh?

Just one week after President Biden tapped into oil reserves to help with a global shortage, a Canadian group has announced that it will dip into its emergency supply of maple syrup to try and keep up with global demand, according to multiple reports.

The Canadian leading trade group, Quebec Maple Syrup Producers, is releasing nearly 50 million pounds of its reserve, which is about half of the stockpile, according to CNN Business. 

The trade group is backed by the Canadian government and is at times dubbed the “OPEC of Maple Syrup” and as of 2020, Quebec produced 73 percent of the world’s supply of maple syrup, CNN reports. By large, the highest buyer of the goods is the United States.

The reserve was created to prepare for situations, such as these, when there are poor harvest seasons or a spike in demand for maple syrup, reports CNN. 

Canada tapping reserve maple syrup supply amid shortage | TheHill

Image by piviso from Pixabay