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Green Bay Packers will sell you a worthless certificate for the low low price of $300 each

People living north of the Cheddar Curtain really have to be desperate to pay an NFL franchise $300 for a fake stock certificate that says they own a piece of the team. For a limited time (why they would limit this scam is beyond me) an individual can purchase a “share” of the team for $300.00. Here’s the kicker.

The shares have no financial value and can’t be resold. Shareholders of the Green Bay franchise don’t get paid dividends. The stock doesn’t appreciate in value and isn’t transferable, except to family members by gift or in the event of death. 

Essentially, fans can get bragging rights for owning a piece of the team and a stock certificate commemorating the purchase. 

You Can Buy Stock in the Green Bay Packers for Just $300 – WSJ

I want to know how much the team paid the WSJ for the article?