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Debate tournament cultivates racial diversity by banning white people

How in the world is this legal? This is outright racism and should not be allowed.

From October 22nd to the 23rd, Boston College and Northeastern University’s student-run competitive debate organizations co-hosted the American Parliamentary Debate Association’s (APDA) “inaugural BIPOC tournament.” The online intercollegiate tournament—which hosted teams from a variety of universities, including the University of Chicago—was only open to those who identified as BIPOC (black, indigenous, or “people of color”), meaning white students were ineligible to compete.

The goal of the tournament was “to promote affinity among non-white APDA debaters and cultivate racial diversity on the league,” according to an email sent to members of the University of Chicago Debate Society. Topics of the debate “relat[ed] to race and social justice.”

While white students were ineligible to compete, they could try to become tournament judges, but event coordinators noted they would be “selected with lower priority.”

EXCLUSIVE: Intercollegiate Debate Tournament Touts Brazen Racism, Bans White Students – The Chicago Thinker

It’s now time for white people to re-frame some organizations to only include people of certain ethnicities. They should hold a POWER tournament. People Of Western European Regions. They can exclude anyone that is not indigenous to France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. This way Europeans can have a safe space.