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Australian police are ripping babies out of breastfeeding mothers’ arms

Why are they doing this? Supposedly the government of Australia knows what’s best for you and your baby. We learned in school how authoritarian governments rise and how it could never be allowed to happen again. Well… here we are.

Australia needs to be liberated.

Australian police have been caught on camera forcibly removing a baby boy from his mother while she was in the middle of breastfeeding him.

The 8-month-old “gumnut” baby was taken from his family, who are believed to live in a commune in bushland near Byron Bay in NSW, last week.

A “gumnut” is reference to a book by May Gibbs about babies who live in the bush.

The confronting footage taken last week shows the topless mother clutching her little boy to her chest as she pleads with police to leave her alone.

‘This is my baby!’ – Heartache as police rip baby away from breastfeeding mum – NZ Herald