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China traps almost 34,000 people inside Shanghai Disneyland after one visitor tested positive for COVID-19

Gotta love the communists… and the government of New Zealand (New Zealand has nothing to do with this story. I just like comparing them to China and their zero COVID policies). A single woman failed her COVID-19 test and the Chinese government shut down the park and wouldn’t let almost 34,000 people leave the park until they took and passed a COVID test. To add insult to injury the woman attended the park… THE DAY BEFORE! Hahahaha. Silly silly people.

Shanghai Disneyland was required to test almost 34,000 people Sunday before visitors could leave the resort, after a woman who had attended the park a day earlier was found to be infected with Covid-19. Sunday’s visitors all tested negative but were ordered to self-isolate for another 24 hours before a second test.

The park and Disneytown, a shopping and dining complex, will be closed until at least Wednesday, Shanghai Disneyland said.

Mass testing a theme park quickly proved a surreal scene: As customers waited to be tested inside Shanghai Disneyland, parks employees tried to keep them entertained. The fireworks display continued as planned so guests would have something to watch while they waited, a spokesman said, and park workers helped manage crowd flow to avoid everyone trying to leave at once. Power chargers were handed out so guests could charge their phones, and families with younger children were allowed to leave first.

China Locks 30,000 Visitors Inside Shanghai Disneyland After One Guest Got Covid-19 – WSJ