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Bankrupt Chicago to grant guaranteed basic income to 5,000 households

So let me get this straight. The city is burning with violent crime spreading out all over the city and it may get worse with the Little Dictator’s (Mayor Lightfoot) war with the police department over vaccine mandates. Yet they have the gall to waste time and money on a program to pay 5,000 households, out of roughly 1.1 million households in the city, $500.00 per month. How can anyone earning a paycheck stand for this?

By the way, this doesn’t just affect Chicago. She will be using the funds from the federal government to pay for this. Without bailout cash I doubt they can afford the toilet paper in City Hall.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s $31.5 million basic income program is just a sliver of the total $16.7 billion budget, which will be buoyed by federal COVID-19 relief funds and won City Council approval Wednesday.

Few details of the pilot have been hammered out yet, except that 5,000 households will receive $500 per month for a year — with no strings attached. The lowest-income residents who suffered financial blows from the COVID-19 pandemic will be the focus.

Guaranteed basic income is coming to Chicago – Chicago Tribune

This is not the Chicago I grew up in. Or maybe it is and this is just graft to buy votes. Now that’s the Chicago Way.