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God has plans to power wash the west coast

With all the crap happening in Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco it appears God has decided to give the place a power wash. Here comes the “Bomb Cyclone” and a rushing “Atmospheric River”. Get read for snow, rain, and high winds!

Hey, you were all complaining about the drought. Well, here’s the answer to your prayers. Get your buckets out my friends and collect that water!

A “bomb cyclone” with hurricane-like strength and a chart-topping “atmospheric river” will coincide Saturday night into Sunday to unleash flooding rains, wet snow, strong winds and coastal surf across the western US.

This will be the third and strongest in a series of storms to strike the West Coast this week.

bomb cyclone is a system that drops at least 24 mb in pressure 24 hours or less — and typically the lower the pressure, the stronger the storm. Atmospheric rivers are narrow bands of concentrated moisture that cruise more than 2 miles above the ocean and release rain or snow when they hit land — and this one rates level 5 of 5.

West Coast braces for simultaneous ‘bomb cyclone’ and ‘atmospheric river’ – CNN

Any negative outcomes of this impending doom is sure to be caused by Climate Change.