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Unhinged alphabet people

Netflix employees staged a walkout and protest in front of Netflix headquarters. A man with a sign that says “We like Dave” on the back. I can’t see what’s on the front but it may say “Jokes are funny”. The crazed unhinged crowd takes the sign from him, break it, and stomp on it leaving the man only with the stick. Then an unhinged member of the crowd starts shouting, “He’s got a weapon!” As if the stick that was created from the destruction of the sign was a weapon the man brought with him. Then the crowd proceed to get in his face, with one masked woman looking thype person having her/his/they/zhe hands stretched out and literally touching the man’s body, and shout him down. The man keeps his cool and humor. He laughs at the unhinged crowd and starts shouting “jokes are funny people” while a new woman looking type person with a tambourine walks up shaking it in his face and shouting “repent mother fucker!”

What a ridiculous scene. Here’s the original tweet where I got the video.