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Crime in Cook County Illinois is out of control

Take a look at the video in the tweet below. In the video, what appears to be a bunch of African-American kids stealing merchandise from a Louis Vuitton store at the Northbrook Court shopping mall in Northbrook, Illinois. Northbrook is a safe and quiet suburb in Chicago’s North Shore.

I’m glad I moved. I used to live in Glenview, Illinois. A neighbor to Northbrook. I used to go to that mall weekly back in 1990’s with my wife and kids. We would wander around, go to the food court, and just have a good day on a Saturday or Sunday. If this is happening in Northbrook on a regular basis (this is not the first time LV in this mall was hit recently) then crime is truly out of control in Cook County.

Take a look at the following tweet regarding a Bloomingdale’s store in Skokie, Illinois at the Old Orchard shopping mall.

Both these malls are conveniently located off the Eden’s Expressway (I-94). It’s a quick car ride to get away from local authorities if there is a chase at all.

It’s not like anyone expects anything to be done. There are shootouts happening in Cook County on the west side of Chicago, in broad daylight, where the Cook County State’s Attorney, Kim Foxx, won’t prosecute the perpetrators. Even with video evidence.

This is where Chicago politics effects the suburbs and why Chicago elections are so important. Cook County is a huge county and if normally safe suburbs can’t count on elected officials to prosecute the big crimes, like murder, how in the world can they expect anything to happen with brazen shoplifting. If I was LV and Bloomingdale’s I would move out of the county.