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Families of soldiers killed in Afghanistan are not happy with Biden’s narcissism

Old Uncle Joe keeps bringing up his son Beau Biden, who served in Iraq but died of cancer, in his speeches on Afghanistan. Now he’s busted out that story as he talks to families of soldiers that died in the recent bombing in Afghanistan as if he can somehow relate to their pain. To equate the decisions he made that caused the death of those soldiers to his son dying of cancer is tone deaf and inappropriate.

But this time, he was present for tragic circumstances he has accepted blame for setting into motion, and some family members of the dead service members remained angry with him, including the family of Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Rylee McCollum, one of the 13 Americans who died last week.

One of McCollum’s sisters, Roice, said she and her sister and her father joined McCollum’s wife, Jiennah McCollum, on the trip. But when it came time to meet with the president, they left the room, because she said they did not want to speak with the man they held responsible for McCollum’s death.

Only Jiennah, who is expecting the couple’s child next month, stayed. But she left disappointed, Roice said. The president brought up his son, Beau, according to her account, describing his son’s military service and subsequent death from cancer. It struck the family as scripted and shallow, a conversation that lasted only a couple of minutes in “total disregard to the loss of our Marine,” Roice said.

“You can’t f— up as bad as he did and say you’re sorry,” Roice said of the president. “This did not need to happen, and every life is on his hands.”

Biden meets with families of service members killed in Kabul as U.S. races to exit Afghanistan – The Washington Post

I hope he wasn’t also checking his watch while relaying his story.