Study: Infection survival rate for those under 70 years old is more than 99%

Can we stop playing vaccine and masking games now? Please? Enough is enough. This is one statistic that hasn’t changed in the slightest from the beginning of the pandemic. People under the age of 70 have an over 99% infection survival rate. This is not to say you won’t have long COVID and it’s not to say that you won’t be seriously ill. The point is that COVID-19 is survivable by almost everyone. The younger you are the better. The fewer illnesses you have the better. If you’re not obese it’s better. Let’s move forward and leave this shit behind!

Data Synthesis Twenty-three seroprevalence surveys representing 14 countries were included. Across all countries, the median IFR in community-dwelling elderly and elderly overall was 2.4% (range 0.3%-7.2%) and 5.5% (range 0.3%-12.1%). IFR was higher with larger proportions of people >85 years. Younger age strata had low IFR values (median 0.0027%, 0.014%, 0.031%, 0.082%, 0.27%, and 0.59%, at 0-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, and 60-69 years).

Infection fatality rate of COVID-19 in community-dwelling populations with emphasis on the elderly: An overview | medRxiv
Age RangeInfection
Survival Rate
Over 8594.50%
70 – 8497.60%
60 – 6999.41%
50 – 5999.73%
40 – 4999.92%
30 -3999.97%
20 – 2999.986%
0 -1999.997%

Assess your own risk and act accordingly.