Dr. Pierre Kory lays the smackdown on the FDA’s lies about Ivermectin

In a short series of tweets Dr. Pierre Kory corrects the lies the FDA is peddling about Ivermectin. Why is the FDA able to disseminate such disinformation about a drug that has been around forever, proven to be safe for humans, and won the Nobel Prize for treating diseases… in HUMANS?!? We are being lied to by the government repeatedly. It should be criminal for the FDA to spread such disinformation. The big social networks are just as guilty by aiding and abetting their criminal behavior. Go to flccc.net for complete information on Ivermectin.

Here’s the YouTube video linked in the last tweet of an elderly man who had a very quick recovery after taking Ivermectin. He was going to be put on a ventilator prior to his daughter getting the doctor to use the FLCCC’s Ivermectin protocol.