If you helped elect Joe Biden I hope you’re pleased with this shit show

This is perhaps the weakest press conference by a President of the United States after a tragic day and loss of American lives. He did nothing to engender confidence in his administration, in our military strategy, or that the United States is in control. This was simply awful.

Biden takes the blame for everything except the agreement with the Taliban to not attack our troops (which Trump accomplished and Biden reneged), the closing of the Bagram air base (advised by the military), not recognizing the Afghan army was not prepared (advised by the intelligence agencies), the retreat to Kabul (advised by the military), the stranding of Americans and Afghan SIV holders (advised by the State Department and the military). The fact that we don’t know how many Americans are still stranded is a disgrace.

Watch his speech if you didn’t. If you voted for this incompetent dementia patient you should feel the full brunt of his feebleness. Don’t forget to wait when he starts to take questions from the press. He actually says, “they gave me a list here… the first person I was instructed to call on was, Kelly O’Donnell, NBC.” Who instructs the president which reporter he must take questions from? More disgrace.