Kevin Bae

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The COVID-19 Carrousel is our future

How long do we have until people who test positive for COVID-19 are marched into a stadium for their vaccine or maybe extermination? Why take a chance with spreading the virus. We’re obviously after ZERO COVID.

It sounds so ludicrous and stupid. But… does it? Look at New Zealand. These fascist pricks are arresting people and make light of their police powers.

Officers in Christchurch this afternoon arrested three people allegedly involved in an anti-lockdown protest. 
A group of 10 people gathered on the Bridge of Remembrance on Cashel Street about 1pm.

Police engaged and encouraged the protestors to comply with Alert Level 4 restrictions, however, three were taken into custody when they refused to do so.
Two men, aged 46 and 50, and a woman, aged 56, have been charged with failing to comply with a direction/prohibition/restriction (COVID-19).

Five arrests for breach of COVID-19 restrictions | New Zealand Police

The former English colonies have lost their minds. Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the UK itself.