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Hollywood’s total capitulation to China

We all knew it but now it’s being said by people in Hollywood. Did they finally have enough? If the money keeps flowing from the CCP I’m sure Hollywood will go back to zipping its lips.

Take a look at Maverick’s jacket from Top Gun from 1986 versus Maverick due out this year. The Chinese government had the Japanese & Taiwanese flags replace with non-descript bullshit. China is dictating how we perceive the world and Hollywood is their propaganda machine.

The day after the Top Gun: Maverick trailer premiered at SDCC 2019, journalist Mark MacKinnon shared a screenshot of the back of Maverick’s jacket from Top Gun and Maverick. In the Top Gun photo, MacKinnon points out flags from Japan and Taiwan are clearly visible. In the Top Gun: Maverick photo, however, something is different. Maverick’s jacket has always functioned as an extension of his identity with the patches on it highlighting his military career. While the jacket remains mostly the same, Maverick’s FAR EAST CRUISE 63-4 tour patch has now been replaced with an INDIAN OCEAN CRUISE 85-86 patch – which crucially does not have the Taiwanese or Japanese flags.

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