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NY Governor Cuomo investigation request is backfiring

It seems when Governor Cuomo is not sending senior citizens into COVID-19 infested nursing homes he might be sexually harassing young women. To ad insult to his idiocy he requested the investigation the NY AG investigate himself thinking he had a political ally.

Mr. Cuomo requested Ms. James’s probe in March after two women made public accusations against him. He rebuffed calls for his resignation by fellow Democrats—including U.S. Sens. Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand —and said people should wait for the facts.

Wall Street Journal

Well… the NY AG released her report with what she sees as the facts.

Ms. James said outside investigators uncovered conduct that was “deeply disturbing” and often involved younger women. The report largely substantiated accusations by five current and former state employees who said the 63-year-old Democratic governor sexually harassed them or acted inappropriately in the workplace.

The harassment included inappropriate comments and nonconsensual touching that was part of a pattern that extended to other state employees, including inappropriately touching a member of his state police protective detail by running his finger down her back and chest, investigators said.

Wall Street Journal

Turns out AG Letitia James may have gubernatorial aspirations. She is taking the accusations seriously and may be able to use these accusations, although the nursing home scandal should be enough, to put the taint on Governor Cuomo.

In recent weeks, however, the governor and his aides have said they had concerns about the independence of Ms. James’s investigators and said Ms. James could seek the Democratic nomination for governor.

Ms. James hasn’t ruled out a bid for governor. On Monday her spokeswoman said Mr. Cuomo’s “continued attempts to undermine and politicize this process are dishonest and take away from the courage and bravery displayed by these women.”

Wall Street Journal