Kevin Bae

Non-Social in a Socially Networked World

Maybe the CDC and Fauci finally went too far

It takes normal people… the American people… to ask the relevant questions. While our government follows “The Science” it is becoming more evident to the country that science is not the same thing as “The Science”.

He is The Hard Hat Intellectual indeed.

I no longer believe our government lacks common sense. I believe they are bad actors looking to subjugate the people. There is no other reason for the nonsense. This entire COVID-19 hysteria should have ended once vaccines were available to anyone that wanted them. The government could not believe a large portion of the population didn’t buy into their bullshit. They couldn’t believe we wouldn’t follow along like good little sheep.

Their only recourse if something doesn’t happen soon is to send out their jackbooted thugs to imprison us or to vaccinate us against our will. Will people call them authoritarian Nazis then?