FDA is not following science on Ivermectin

It’s one of the safest drugs ever developed and the FDA is painting it more dangerous than the experimental mRNA vaccines. The agency is not following science and is misleading the public. How many people are suffering and perhaps dying because the FDA will not authorize Ivermectin for use in treating COVID-19?

This article in the Wall Street Journal points out four billion doses have been administered since 1998. Only 28 serious neurological adverse reactions. It has been deemed safe for pregnant women and children. What’s the agenda here? What is our government doing and why?

Some 70 clinical trials are evaluating the use of ivermectin for treating Covid-19. The statistically significant evidence suggests that it is safe and works for both treating and preventing the disease.

In 115 patients with Covid-19 who received a single dose of ivermectin, none developed pneumonia or cardiovascular complications, while 11.4% of those in the control group did. Fewer ivermectin patients developed respiratory distress (2.6% vs. 15.8%); fewer required oxygen (9.6% vs. 45.9%); fewer required antibiotics (15.7% vs. 60.2%); and fewer entered intensive care (0.1% vs. 8.3%). Ivermectin-treated patients tested negative faster, in four days instead of 15, and stayed in the hospital nine days on average instead of 15. Ivermectin patients experienced 13.3% mortality compared with 24.5% in the control group.

Wall Street Journal