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When we stop calling it “gun violence” maybe we’ll get serious about shootings

It’s an old argument but still a valid one. Guns don’t shoot all by themselves. They still require a human being to pull the trigger in some form or fashion. Referring to shooting deaths as “gun violence” removes responsibility from the people committing the acts of violence. Until we come to terms with this reality the problem can never be properly addressed.

Susan Rice, the White House domestic policy adviser, says she was struck in the meetings Mr. Biden held with local law-enforcement officials by the critical importance those leaders attached to an idea called community violence intervention, or CVI.

The premise of CVI is that the majority of gun violence is perpetrated by small groups of people, many usually already known to local leaders. CVI programs impanel community activists and leaders to work on the streets, identifying disputes and individuals with the potential to produce violence, intervene to defuse those problems, and deliver stern warnings of harsh consequences if violence results.

Wall Street Journal

Really?? You’re going to get stern? I’m sure the gangbangers in Chicago and other big cities are quaking in their shoes at the notion. If the community will get stern with them they’ll stop shooting 1-month olds in the head.

A 1-month-old girl and a 9-year-old girl were both shot in the head in separate acts of violence in Chicago on Thursday, according to police.

Seven people, including the 1-month-old baby, were shot shortly after 8 p.m. Thursday when three men got out of a black Cherokee Jeep and began spraying bullets on the city’s South Side, Chicago police said.

ABC 7 Chicago

What big cities are experiencing is a rash of gang violence. Get to the root cause of why gangs exist and why they kill people and you’ll go a long way to reducing killings by guns. Everything else is mental masturbation.

Image by Carlos Andrés Ruiz Palacio from Pixabay