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President Biden misleads public on cost of 2021 4th of July cookout

The Whitehouse’s tweet says a cookout in 2021 costs $0.16 less than in 2020. Trying to tamp down inflation fears by saying prices are not rising. If you look at the source of the information used in their misleading video they say the price of that cookout is 8% higher than 2019.

Farm Bureau analysis reveals the average cost of a summer cookout for 10 people remains affordable at $59.50, or less than $6 per person. The cost for the cookout is down just 16 cents (less than 1%) from last year, but 8% higher compared to 2019.

Prices may be flat from last year but the rapid increase in the cost of labor, brought on by the Biden Administration’s unemployment compensation largess and coupled with the push for $15 minimum wage, has obviously started showing up in consumer prices at the register. This is only going to get worse as the cost of labor continues to rise.

Fake News!