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Technology rapidly replacing restaurant staff

Just say no to hiring. Competing against the federal government in hourly pay is a no win situation. Private business can’t compete against an entity that doesn’t have to turn a profit and has the ability to print money at will. High end restaurants might still need a wait staff but places like Cracker Barrel, Dave & Buster’s, and any other big chain restaurant will be better off embracing technology to handle the order and pay process.

Some chains are using technology for payments, including Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Inc. Others, such as Dave & Buster’s Entertainment Inc., allow for completely contactless ordering and paying.

Cracker Barrel’s eat-in customers can pay for their meals through an app on their phones and tablets at all of the company’s 660-plus Southern-themed restaurants.

“The more we can move volume to things like that, it takes the pressure off the labor in the stores,” said Sandra B. Cochran, Cracker Barrel’s president and chief executive. Staffing has become challenging at Cracker Barrel, which has classified the personnel situation at 10% of its restaurants as “critical,” Ms. Cochran said.

Wall Street Journal