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Companies don’t want remote employees from Colorado

The air might be a little too thin in Colorado. It’s affecting their ability to think clearly. You have to love unintended consequences of stupid laws. Colorado passed a law in an effort to narrow gender wage gaps. They succeeded in spectacular fashion. There is no wage gap if no one is being hired.

Big companies are hiring for remote positions that can be performed in any state across the U.S. except one: Colorado.

At issue is a new Colorado law that requires companies with even a few employees in the state to disclose the expected salary or pay range for each open role they advertise, including remote positions. The rule’s aim is to narrow gender wage gaps and provide greater pay transparency for employees. To avoid having to disclose that information, though, some employers seeking remote workers nationwide are saying that those living in Colorado need not apply.

Wall Street Journal
Image by Jim Olah from Pixabay