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There is a new name for pedophiles… MAPs

Maybe it’s not so new but today is the first time I heard this term. It’s quite disgusting to think there are people trying to soften the image of pedophiles. Are we at the point in our society where the only thing repugnant is to be a conservative Christian Republican? This is truly fucked up. It’s days like today when I really fear for society.

Minor-attracted persons (MAPs) are individuals whose sexual and romantic orientations often draw them to underage people. Minor-attraction is an orientation which is not chosen and often makes itself known during adolescence. MAPs are not universally defined by their attractions anymore than others are but others often fail to see the person behind the attraction. These individuals are often left to navigate their growing attractions alone which can lead to isolation, negative self-talk and many associated mental health challenges (ie. Depression, suicidal ideation and anxiety).

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I discovered this depravity on Twitter. I ran across this tweet and couldn’t believe these people exist. The woman tweeting this is a survivor of human trafficking and is calling out Twitter for allowing this crap on their platform. Maybe instead of being worried about Trump they should worry about pedophiles.

Can we draw the line a pedophiles? Can we stop trying to normalize every depraved action? When does it end? At what point do we say this is not okay?

Here are some links to these fucked up people.

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