DHS knew about California VTA gunman

How many times do we have to hear about the FBI or DHS seeing signs of a problem but ultimately doing nothing while trolling for dupes in online forums and entrapping people that probably would have done nothing if left alone.

The guy that killed 9 people at the Valley Transportation Authority in Santa Clara County, California was known by the DHS.

U.S. customs officers who detained him in 2016 on his return from the Philippines found books about terrorism and fear as well as a memo book filled with notes about how much he hated the Valley Transportation Authority. But he was let go, and a resulting Department of Homeland Security memo on the encounter was not shared with local authorities.

US News

So he comes back from the Philippines with books on terrorism and a memo book filled with notes about how much he hated where he works and our illustrious authorities never bothered to inform local law enforcement that maybe… just maybe this guy needs to be watched?

I’m not saying you can’t have books on terrorism. Maybe it’s a curiosity. My beef is more with our authorities entrapping people while having possible evidence of a real nut bag go unwatched. In my opinion, if someone wants to commit a crime, any kind of crime, you can’t really stop them. You can only deal with the aftermath.