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Things are not looking good for democrats in the Arizona audit

Democrats could be in some trouble if the reporting is true. They are refusing to comply with court subpoenas, there are chain of custody anomalies, and database deletions from hard drives. Ooooopps. I’m sure they didn’t mean it and I’m sure it wouldn’t have any effect on the election. We all know, “cough” ” cough”, that Joe Biden won easily.

According to a letter from Karen Fann, President of the Arizona State Senate, sent to the Maricopa Board of Supervisors, the county continues to flout valid, legislative subpoenas, refusing to hand over virtual images of routers. The county has also allegedly failed to provide the passwords necessary to access vote tabulation devices for the audit.

A second issue flagged by the audit has to do with “anomalies” in chain of custody processes for ballots. The letter says the county has yet to provide chain of custody documentation, bags storing the ballots were not sealed, batch dividers are missing, and ballot boxes were sealed with regular tape rather than tamper evident seals.

The third issue mentioned is the alleged deletion of “the entire ‘Database’ directory from the D drive of the machine ‘EMSPrimary’.” That would mean subpoenaed data has been removed. According to the audit, there is also evidence that the “main database for all election related data for the 2020 General Election has been removed.”

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