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Every 46 years China grows by a U.S. and that’s considered slow

It’s hard to fathom how many people live in China. 1.4 billion people. In the last decade their population increased by 72 million. That’s about 22% of the United States’ current population. The growth is staggering.

China said its population hit 1.41 billion in 2020, eking out a tiny rise from the previous year, underlining how the world’s most populous nation is going to have to face its demographic challenges sooner than expected.

The number—up from the 1.40 billion official data showed for 2019—indicated that China’s population has only gone up by 72 million since the last census, in 2010.

Wall Street Journal

Combined with India, these two countries comprise almost half the population of the world. I don’t know why I felt necessary to post this. I just find it interesting every time I see the numbers.