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Where’s my money?!?

The IRS is still holding my money and there doesn’t seem to be a sign on when they’ll send it back. Maybe they’re having trouble finding enough cash because of all the trillions upon trillions we’re spending. At least I’m not alone.

This year a host of problems rooted in the Covid-19 pandemic have led to unprecedented customer-service problems at the IRS. They include delayed processing—and refunds—for millions of 2019 and 2020 returns, a frustrating inability to reach the IRS by phone, and 260,000 notices saying taxpayers failed to file 2019 returns when they likely had, among other things.

Tax professionals, who have a dedicated phone line to the agency, are also frustrated. “Even with a special line, it’s hard to get the IRS on the phone and it’s taking months to resolve issues that should take weeks,” says Jan Lewis, a CPA with Haddox Reid in Jackson, Miss.

Wall Street Journal
Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay