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Study: Post vaccination, COVID-19 propagation rates higher than when unvaccinated?

I follow a well known diet and nutrition reseacher out of the UK. Her name is Dr. Zoë Harcombe. Read more about her here. Since the pandemic began she has examined the data coming from all official sources and this latest find is a doozy. She looked at the data from a study in Scotland which looked at COVID-19 transmission post vaccination. Does the virus continue to propagate after someone was vaccinated.

The study examined healthcare workers and members of their households. It concluded that after the vaccine people were less likely to spread the virus.

The study reported that the positive test rate per 100 person years was 9.40 for household members during the period when the healthcare workers in the household were unvaccinated and 5.93 for household members during the period when the healthcare workers in the household were ≥ 14 days post vaccination. The conclusion was thus that “Vaccinating healthcare workers for SARS-CoV-2 reduces documented cases and hospitalisation in both those individuals vaccinated and members of their households.”

Zoe Harcombe

But that is not what their data showed. The data within their own report showed the exact opposite of their conclusions.

The cases claim came from a particular table, which reported cases in healthcare workers and household members in the unvaccinated and vaccinated periods. The table provided an alternative conclusion. For every 100 healthcare worker cases in the unvaccinated period there were 64 household cases and for every 100 healthcare worker cases in the vaccinated period there were 94 household cases. We could conclude, therefore, that transmission was higher from healthcare workers to household members post vaccination.

Zoe Harcombe

The numbers above are kind of fantastic. You get vaccinated and you spread the virus more than when unvaccinated. Now, vaccines don’t prevent you from getting infected or spreading a virus. What they do is prevent the person getting infected from having a severe case of the illness. Logic would dictate that if you have a less severe form of the virus then you are less likely to spread it because your symptoms are not as severe. You’re not coughing, sneezing, or spewing crap into the air more than a person with a severe case. But with COVID-19 it seems the opposite is true. Somehow vaccinated people are spreading it more.

Let’s put on our tin foil hats for a moment. I was listening to the No Agenda Show this morning. This is the show posted on May 2, 2021. Adam Curry had this little gem so I clipped it.

Self propagating vaccine

Could the mRNA vaccines be the self propagating vaccines Adam was talking about? Hmmmm? A quick search online comes up with news stories about “self disseminating vaccines”. Could this be true?

Image by Spencer Davis from Pixabay