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Georgia GOP will lose if focus is on prior election

The most important election since 2020 in Georgia is coming up in 2022. It’s only a year and a half away and I can already see the state’s GOP has a big problem. Trump beat and bashed the party into a stupor and if Georgia’s GOP acts like a beaten wife they’re doomed to have a repeat beating at the polls.

The news here is intensely focused on making sure this state remains in the blue column. The coverage of Kemp and the Georgia GOP show them as confused and flailing away while the Democrats are solidifying their position. This may be true. I hope not.

Here the Atlanta Journal hammers in on Brian Kemp.

Republican delegates in more than a half-dozen counties passed resolutions over the past week assailing Kemp for not doing more to help Trump’s false claims of voting fraud. And several more also punished Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who have also drawn Trump’s wrath.

Here again the Atlanta Journal is painting Raphael Warnock as unbeatable.

Fresh off a narrow January victory, Raphael Warnock “is arguably” one of the most vulnerable U.S. Senate Democratic incumbents on the 2022 ballot. But instead of a superstar Republican quickly joining the race, so far only lesser-known challengers are lining up for the seat.

While competitive U.S. Senate races are already taking shape in other states, the slow-to-develop race to face Warnock is more notable for who is staying on the sidelines rather than who is already maneuvering to take a shot at the freshman Democrat.

There is a lot to like here in Georgia and I’m not sure the people here truly appreciate what they already have. Rather, they are concentrating on what they don’t have or what the politicians are trying to take away. I think if the republican party in Georgia concentrates on the positives they have a great chance of holding the governor’s chair as well as taking back the Senate seat from the democrats.

I come from the Chicago area. Chicago is heavily segregated. The northern suburb I used to live in was about 80% Caucasian. My subdivision was a little more mixed than the town as a whole but by and large the minority voices were small. Contrast that to where I’m living now. When I walk my dog I can see that this subdivision is probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 50% Caucasian. If people are looking for diversity of races it looks like you have it. Even when I’m going from town to town you can see that the greater Atlanta metropolitan area is far more integrated than anything in Chicago. I’m not saying racial diversity is a good thing or a bad thing. Quite frankly I don’t care much about race at all. But this is what people have been screaming about for a long time so it’s important to a lot of people.

The cost of living in Georgia is comparatively low. Property taxes are reasonable and amenities are abundant. Just about every person I’ve run into here have been friendly and welcoming. The public employees are actually friendly and efficient. In Illinois and Chicago I haven’t run across that in my entire life.

The Democrats are trying to capitalize on the voting reform law. They are lying about it and the media is helping them. I do see some advertising trying to combat the lies but I’m not sure it’s taking hold. The GOP need an all out effort to fight back because the new voting law is actually reasonable. If you are unable to cast your ballot with the rules put into place then you’re not making any effort on your own to vote. There is absolutely no reason anyone that is registered to vote can’t vote. There are no impediments whatsoever. Anything else you’re hearing is a lie.

I hope the republicans can get their act together because I would hate for my new state to turn into my old state. Illinois is a mess and getting worse. They’re drowning in public pension debt, the tax base is leaving the state, and they are looking to increase income, property, sales, and other taxes to pay for their out of control spending. Georgia, right now, is an efficiently run state where the general assembly actually returned surplus money to the taxpayers. That has never happened in my life in Illinois.

Are there things to improve. Sure. There are always things that can be made better. But don’t sacrifice the good you have now for some perceived good in the future.