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MLB moves All Star Game from mostly black Atlanta to mostly white Denver

Major League Baseball infamously cancelled the All-Star Game in Atlanta, Georgia supposedly because of “racist” changes to voting laws in Georgia. It’s being reported today they moved the game to Denver. Is this move racist? Denver is 91% white while Atlanta is 51% black.

I think MLB was being pragmatic in their move. They did a cost benefit analysis based on the amount of negative press the new voter law was getting and decided they didn’t want the All-Star Game and the MLB Draft to lose out in news coverage to the protests that were sure to happen outside Atlanta Braves’ Truist Park.

The funny part about the entire thing is that the voting laws in the two states are pretty much the same. And some of the laws in Georgia allow more access to voting than Colorado.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

Image by piviso from Pixabay