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Just when I wanted to get back into baseball…

I’ve been a Chicago White Sox fan since 1998. I was a season ticket holder for about 12 years. I moved to Georgia from Chicago in 2020. I’m in a new house, new town, and new state. I thought, now might be a good time to get back into baseball. I’m far from my ancestral home and what better way to soak up some Chicago, without all the stench from the politics, by subscribing to MLB online. I can watch all the White Sox games since I’m out of market and I’m no longer subject to blackout restrictions. Then the MLB pulls this bullshit about the Allstar Game.

Major League Baseball announced on Friday that it will relocate the 2021 All-Star Game and MLB Draft, originally scheduled to take place in Atlanta, to a to-be-determined location.

The decision comes a little more than a week after the passage of S.B. 202, a Georgia law that President Joe Biden criticized earlier this week, saying that it will restrict voting access for residents of the state.

Commissioner Rob Manfred said in a statement that the decision to move the All-Star Game was “the best way to demonstrate our values as a sport” and was made after consultation with teams, former and current players, the MLB Players Association and The Players Alliance, among others.

No one has actually looked at the facts surrounding the changes in voting laws in Georgia. The news is telling all lies about the law. There is nothing restrictive about them whatsoever. In fact, several things were expanded. The one change that might actually make a difference is to require an ID for an absentee ballot. If you don’t have one the state will provide one FOR FREE. This eliminates trying to match signatures which is hard to do anyway. Weekend voting was expanded. Early voting stays the same. Drop boxes were moved indoors for security. I’m going to write a separate post about the voting laws. What’s being reported is misinformation and a giant load of bullshit.