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Kemp whiffs on opening Georgia

Middle of the road Republicans are always a problem. This is loser behavior. You can’t appease your enemies. They won’t vote for you anyway. All you do with a middle of the road stance is piss off your allies.

The governor signed an executive order that as of April 8 ends a ban on large gatherings, eliminates shelter-in-place requirements for vulnerable populations, and pares down a lengthy list of safety guidelines that businesses such as bars, retail stores and entertainment venues are supposed to follow.

Kemp issued a separate order Wednesday that could end Georgia’s state of emergency on April 30, a year after it started. But Kemp could decide to extend that declaration, as he has done repeatedly over the past year.

Last I looked Georgia is directly north of Florida. Florida has been open since September and they are doing hunky dory.

It should be obvious by now that lockdowns only postpone the spread of the virus. Open our country back up, have people who are most vulnerable protect themselves, and get a vaccine if you’re worried. Otherwise let’s get back to life!