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Seems all gun nuts aren’t racist white guys

Rico Marley

Say hello to Rico Marley. It was reported he walked into an Atlanta Publix grocery store carrying two rifles, 4 hand guns, and wearing body armor.

Police were called to the grocery store on Atlantic Drive just after 1:30 p.m. Wednesday and met with a manager who told them a man came in with a rifle and headed straight toward a bathroom, authorities said.

“A witness observed the male and alerted store management, who then notified police,” Atlanta police spokesman Officer Anthony Grant told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Officers at the scene spotted the man leaving the bathroom and quickly took him into custody. According to police, his weapons included two long guns and four pistols, all of which were concealed.

How on Earth do you conceal that? The reporting is a bit odd in that there is nothing from Mr. Marley on why he would do this.