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Navy concerned China will move on Taiwan… soon

We sold them a lot of military hardware recently but none of that will be able to stop China from taking over Taiwan. The only country standing in the way has been the United States. With the election of President Biden the drumbeats are getting louder that China will move on Taiwan.

Crossing the Formosa Strait from mainland China to Taiwan would be no easy task, and casualties in terms of ships and lives lost would likely be steep. But despite Taiwan’s recent weapons upgrades and acquisitions, would it be enough to keep China at bay? Probably not. Would more concrete assurances from the United States and other countries concerning Taiwan’s preservation be enough to hold back a Chinese invasion? Perhaps. What is likely certain however, is that Beijing has both eyes laser-focused on Taiwan.

The statements from U.S. Pacific Fleet commander Adm. John Aquilino during anArmed Services Committee Hearing