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I’m a triple victim

I’m not diminishing the crime of the murder of eight people at massage parlors in the Atlanta area. Let’s get that out front and center. If the alleged killer is found guilty and convicted he should be put away for the maximum sentence.

Now on to my rant.

Pure Asians have it bad.

About 68% of the anti-Asian attacks documented in the study were verbal harassment, 21% were shunning and 11% were physical assaults.

LA Times

You haven’t been properly victimized until you’ve been shunned. Shunned? Really?

I want to shed light on the conflicts I feel. I’m half Korean, half white, and I voted for Trump in 2020. Sometimes I feel like I’m supposed to target myself but I’m not sure which part of me should attack the others.

There are problems in the world and women get harassed by men all the time. They may even shout racial slurs while doing it. Because, and I’m generalizing here, most men are idiots. The woman below was threatened by a rather large man shouting all kinds of crap. And while something like that can be threatening, in the end, all the man did was shout some nasty things at her. I’m sure it was very scary for her and that man should be shunned for his behavior. But, was a crime committed?