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Race baiters politicize crazy man’s rampage

I’m half Asian and half white. I have standing to talk about this subject. I’ve also been alive over a half century and have some life experience. I was born in 1966 when my family was the only family with the last name Bae in the Chicago phone book. Growing up I was the target of some discrimination by both sides. Koreans were not welcoming of half-breeds back then and most white people I ran across in my early years didn’t know where a Korean was from. My favorite was always, “so you’re Chinese then?” Shit happens. I just wanted to get the above out of the way before I get accused of being a racist white supremacist.

Robert Aaron Long (When you kill this many we have to use three names) allegedly killed 8 people. 7 were women and one man. The highlight is that 6 of the dead were Asian. Let’s ignore the unfortunate other two victims because they were white. It’s sad that they were as much a victim of a nut job as the other 6 but they are cast aside because they’re just white.

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will meet with Asian-American leaders during their visit to Atlanta on Friday to offer support to the community after the shooting deaths of eight people, six who were Asian women, at spas around the metro area.

The White House said Biden and Harris will speak with state legislators and community advocates from the Asian-American and Pacific Islander community to hear their perspective on the rise of anti-Asian hate incidents, which have surged since the coronavirus pandemic.

Only one thing seems to be for sure. He targeted massage parlors. The massage parlors are 30 miles apart. He wasn’t going to random places. Those are facts.

Did he specifically target women? Did he specifically target Asians? Nobody knows right now for sure. Everything in the news is an assumption without facts. Long was captured and interviewed by police who say they asked him if he was targeting Asians and Long said no. But that in of itself doesn’t mean much right now.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution disgustingly fans the flames of race with story after story about how Asians are being killed seemingly by the busload. Even though this is not at all true. They also report on this as if these 6 people are somehow more important than the daily killings and violence in the City of Atlanta. I thought black lives matter? The the pullquote below the Atlanta Journal tries to scare the living crap out of elderly Asians.

The husband and wife, both 77, had an important talk before they went grocery shopping from their Atlanta home Wednesday morning.

They agreed: They would go straight into the Duluth store, get their shopping done and go home. No walking in the park this time. No relaxing. Not after Tuesday’s shootings at three metro Atlanta massage parlors that left eight people dead — six of whom were, like them, Asian.

“It’s too dangerous to go outside,” said Soon Ja Kim, with her husband, Seok, by her side. “We are so scared now.”

Let’s give the media and race baiters the benefit of the doubt for just a moment. What if Long’s motivation was race? What if he killed 6 Asian women because he hated Asians? Does that make the crime of mass murder any different? Any more or less abhorrent? No. Hate in and of itself is not a crime because you cannot legislate what’s inside someone’s head. Hatred, racism, or in this case perhaps a psychotic belief that he needed to rid himself of sex addiction all leads to the same end. 8 people are dead. Those are motives. Motives can be used to prove a crime. Motives are not the crime.

Race baiters