Kevin Bae

Non-Social in a Socially Networked World

Segregated graduation celebrations called multicultural at Columbia University

In the rational world a multicultural graduation ceremony has multiple cultures in attendance. In the world of academia a multicultural graduation ceremony has only a monoculture in attendance. Talk about some 1984 doublethink language. This is just too nuts. Pull your children from Columbia University today.

I would like to know what “lavender” and “FLI” refer to. The only thing I found regarding lavender is in Harry Potter. I found almost nothing for the acronym FLI other than “fatty liver index” and “front line infantry”. I’m sure none of those are applicable.

What does someone like me do? I’m half white and half Asian. Will I be accepted anywhere? I need a half-breed celebration event.

Image by Daniel Munson from Pixabay