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Democrats poised to steal an election in Iowa

A congressional election was had. There was a recount. Both times the Republican came out the winner. The results at the end was a mere 6 votes. But, according to the state, all the rules were followed and the vote was certified and the congressperson was sworn in and seated. The Democrats in congress are illegally attempting to overturn that election.

Democrats have been talking a lot these past few weeks about the sanctity of election results, but their principles on that score may be malleable based on who wins. This week a House committee took the first step in what looks like an effort to unseat the Republican Member for Iowa’s 2nd Congressional district and install a Democrat instead.

GOP Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks won the November race by 47 votes in the first count and six votes after lawyers wrangled over ballots in a recount. Democrat Rita Hart wants the House to use its constitutional authority as “judge of the elections” of its Members to impose another recount and reverse the outcome.

Wall Street Journal

This has happened before, although not with the same set of circumstances. Both times Democrats were in control of the House of Representatives.

The last time the House reversed a state-certified election result was in Indiana’s “bloody eighth” congressional district in 1985, and the last time it replaced a sitting Member with his opponent was in 1938. In both cases the House was under Democratic control.

Wall Street Journal

I guess it’s only bad to challenge elections if your a Republican… or Donald Trump