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Pet Communicators… proof some people have more money than sense

This is my dog Godfrey and if someone could read his mind they would only hear FETCH!

Holy moly. If this isn’t further proof that we are ripe to be conquered.

Ms. O’Hara, who lives in Eugene, Ore., has a three-week waiting list for appointments and counts more than 10,000 animals among her clients. Last month, she gave a woman the hard news that the family dog preferred to live with her soon-to-be-ex-husband.

She has even held telepathic sessions with guinea pigs. “On average, they have less to say,” she acknowledges.

Ms. O’Hara, 61, says she began hearing animals as a child. She stopped admitting it in her teens. Her parents died when she was in her late 20s, and, overwhelmed by the prospect of three deaths in short succession, she turned to an animal communicator to talk to her terminally ill dog. She immediately recognized that same ability in herself.

“I’ve heard them in a way that doesn’t involve the ears,” she says. “I’ve heard them in the heart.”

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But wait… there’s more!

Like Ms. O’Hara, animal communicator Anna Twinney usually holds sessions over the phone, while looking at a photograph of the animal. Ms. Twinney says she has talked to horses in Dubai from her home in North Carolina. She has done in-person work with sloths in Costa Rica. Sloths, she says, talk faster than they move.

Wall Street Journal