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Illinois Senators unhappy with President Biden? Say it ain’t so Joe!

President Biden decided to fire the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois without consulting the two Democrat U.S. Senators. Why?

Is it possible that the Democrat party wants the trials that have implicated aldermen, executives of the state’s major electric utility, and the Speaker of the House of the Illinois General Assembly, to either disappear or to get watered down? Nah. Can’t be.

Joe Biden is swiftly pushing out almost all U.S. attorneys who served under his predecessor, which is increasingly the norm for new Presidents. But even Illinois Sens. Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth, staunch allies of Mr. Biden, objected to his firing of Mr. Lausch, who has been a scourge of corruption in Democratic-dominated Springfield.

“While we agree with the Biden Administration’s criminal justice agenda, we are disappointed with the decision to terminate U.S. Attorney Lausch without consulting us,” the Senators said in a statement Tuesday. They cited the need to “conclude sensitive investigations” and added that “Mr. Lausch should be permitted to continue in his position until his successor is confirmed by the Senate.”

Wall Street Journal

Things were so bad in Illinois that even Durbin and Duckworth called for the Speaker to step down last year. He didn’t but was voted out as Speaker while he installed one of his top lieutenants to take his place. I’m sure the two Senators didn’t want it to look so obvious that the party needed some protection.