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Videos of the “insurrection” and “coup attempt” you won’t see on the news

Here’s a bunch of videos from inside and around the capitol during the so-called “coup attempt” and “insurrection”. This was no riot. Watch them now before YouTube takes them down.

Did some violence happen? Yes. 2 people die during the protest. One of the protesters was shot and the other a police officer. Other deaths were on the periphery and not directly related to the people entering the building.

If kept in context this was probably the most peaceful protest in history where a few hundred people entered and thousands of people occupied the outside of a building. It’s surprising that it didn’t get more out of control than it did. The worst stuff that happened was caused by a few. If you look at these videos these were disgruntled citizens just wanting to make their voices heard.

You can find more videos here. Feel free to peruse those before they’re all removed from the Internet. Once that’s done the real history will be erased.