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5 good things that happened for republicans this election

Regardless of Trump winning or losing (I hope he continues the fight and smashes the crap out of the current systems of handling elections) there were many good things Trump did for the Republican Party. They only have Trump to thank for this and if they don’t continue Trump’s agenda they may lose

  1. An expanded Republican voter base
  2. Instead of a blue wave there was a red tide
  3. Trump forever exposed media bias
  4. Trump exposed big tech’s bias
  5. Trump’s coattails allowed Republicans to make gains in state legislatures

What will the Republican Party do should Trump not prevail with his legal challenges? My guess, since establishment republicans largely hated Trump as much as the democrats, they will squander all that was gained. They will go back to their old playbook and in the mid-term elections the blue wave that was averted will arrive.

When Republicans look at their own foot they for some unknown reason take aim and shoot.