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The 2020 Election proves, once and for all, that money isn’t everything.

He’s Mike Bloomberg and he approved $600 million in messages.

The one sure positive from the 2020 Presidential Election season is that money alone cannot buy the election. The cry from the Democrats for as long as I can remember talks about the evil of money in a race and how a candidate with sufficient resources can buy an election. Mike Bloomberg proved in spectacular fashion that it simply isn’t true.

The billionaire Mike Bloomberg has suspended his Democratic presidential campaign after spending more than $500m on a failed attempt to seize the moderate lane from rival Joe Biden.

Bloomberg, one of the richest people in the world, blitzed the Super Tuesday voting states with an extensive and expensive advertising campaign, after controversially skipping the early primary voting states – with almost nothing to show for his millions of dollars.

The Guardian

Billionaire and former presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg’s more than $100 million investment into three key states fell flat as President Donald Trump appears to have captured all of them.

In the months after Bloomberg dropping out of the Democratic primary, the New York business leader huddled with advisors to plot a spending blitz to help Democratic nominee Joe Biden overtake Trump. It was initially decided that most of a $100 million spend would go toward the pivotal state of Florida. Later he would add Ohio and Texas into the mix.

NBC News is projecting that Trump will defeat Biden in those states.