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The user friendly guide to the Electoral College and the U.S. Constitution

Yesterday I posted about a movie you shouldn’t watch. Today I’m posting about a movie that is a must watch. So little of this is taught in school. You learn how a bill becomes a law, you learn the three branches of government, and you get a rudimentary education about factions and the Electoral College. This movie in just a little over an hour teaches you why the U.S. Constitution is the most elegant document that created the greatest system of government in the history of the world. This is not hyperbole.

The founders of the United States were students of government and of history. They designed our government to be purposely slow and deliberate. They never wanted a direct democracy and put up roadblocks (our famous checks and balances) for everything government does so that it would be less intrusive on the individual. If there were changes to laws or to the Constitution they wanted it to be hard so compromise would have to be reached.

The Democrats have been screaming about abolishing the Electoral College and going to a straight popular vote. This video will explain, in easy to understand terms, how such an action would be harmful to every minority group that exists in this country. They point out how easily a candidate will be able to win by simply getting the majority of votes in the cities of Boston, New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago. We’re not talking the states. Just the cities.

Without the Electoral College candidates will not only be able to skip most of the rural parts of the largest states but also skip most of the states across the nation. No longer will they have to seek out the votes of a wide variety of people and cater to a wide variety of interests. The video also points out how easy it would be for a candidate to avoid campaigning for African American votes or Hispanic votes. Since the White population is still larger it would be possible to win the election with out a significant portion of any minority voter. With the Electoral College candidates cannot ignore the African American or Hispanic voter because those voters can sway an election in a state where they are a larger percentage of the state’s population versus and even smaller minority on a national level.

The further we go away from the original system the more at risk our republic becomes. Take this recent battle that’s brewing over the Supreme Court. If we followed the Constitution more we would not have to worry about the ideology of any particular justice. They would be following the laws as created by Congress and signed by the President. But, Congress now is no longer interested in taking up controversial issues such as abortion. They’re always more worried about the next election and passing blame on the other side. If they just passed a law formally legalizing or abolishing abortion then the justices would have little choice but to respect the will of the people. But now, it’s left to vague interpretations as to how much control a person has over their body and when does life actually begin. This is not the way. We have unelected judges making law out of thin air.

Let’s not abolish the Electoral College. Let’s also stop with the movement for states to pledge their electors to whatever candidate wins the national popular vote. It’s called the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact and it is subversive to the Constitution and could lead to the destruction of our republic. The idiots in the states of New Mexico, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Vermont have already agreed to this compact. They have few electoral votes and are essentially cutting their own power in the country should this scheme come to fruition.

Watch the video and share it. We need to protect our system of government as designed as it is the last protection of true liberty on the face of the Earth.