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Scott Adams unloads on Joe Biden and may vote Kanye!

This part of his Periscope chat was highly entertaining. Scott Adams is hung up on the media created phony story of Trump saying racists and Nazis are fine people after the Charlottesville protest. Anyone with sense knows Trump never said what they’re attributing to him but it doesn’t matter to the people that hate President Trump. No matter how you prove that he never said that they will never believe it.

Just give it up Scott! I think these conventions are irrelevant this election cycle. I think people made up there minds months ago. Either Trump will upset the world again or we’ll be stuck with a President that is obviously suffering from mild dementia.

One thing is for sure. No matter what happens in November the people that believe “very fine people” bit about Trump will believe it until they’re into the grave.

Below is the part where he denounces the Nazis and White Nationalists.

But the only part of this entire back and forth the media plays is about 10 seconds from this point.